Tuesday, June 29, 2010


From Pride NYC June 27 2010
From Pride NYC June 27 2010

"Are you a woman?" was actually the prevailing question for me at Pride NYC this past Sunday, June 27th.

It was my first time participating, and it was so much fun!!

I had the pleasure of going with my friend and hairdresser (who is responsible for my fabulous highlights!), Fernando Javier Valencia.

I'm not gay, but I really liked the idea of liberation that was a major theme of the day. I personally identified with this theme of liberation by dancing joyfully down the street with child-like abandon after 7 months of an icy winter and teaching and practicing choreography and routines inside studios for most of the year!

From another perspective, it was a street performance, free and open to the public -- a nice thing given the state of our economy (speaking of which, I heard the parade route was shortened due to city budget cuts that didn't allow for as much law enforcement as necessary for the longer route).

Some people may have thought I was a man in drag, a transvestite, or a lesbian in a samba costume. I suspect most thought I was a man in drag. Whatever their perception was, the reaction from onlookers and participants was overwhelmingly positive, supportive, and very often one of giddy surprise or shock. A lot of people requested photos. I believe they were awestruck by the costume and my exuberantly happy energy.

I kind of felt like I had crashed a party to tell you the truth! But my sexual identity didn't matter to the Peruvian group I paraded with (which included people from Venezuela and other countries as well); they appreciated that I brought positive energy and non-stop dancing(!) to their group. I was happy to be part of this parade for human rights.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Appreciating the Appreciation

Today's appreciation class at the Humble School of Martial Arts was incredible! The energy was amazing -- joyful, exuberant, and sweaty! We moved at an easy pace but quickly worked up a sweat with all those bodies in the room shaking those hips and shimmying those shoulders! It was a beautiful sight to see.

I have to thank Master Sabu for allowing me free use of his studio, the Humble School of Martial Arts (973 Fulton Street b/w St James Pl & Cambridge Pl Brooklyn NY 11238). I hope after the free class that all you new folks will be back every Sunday 3:30 to 5:00pm. Only $15, drop in on any day and wear comfortable clothing you can move and sweat in!

Thanks so much to some of my first students ever who represented in class: Robyn and Carla. And to my Sunday students at the Humble School: Ms. Gousby, Jane, Shahidah, Jennifer. Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the positive and welcoming atmosphere.

And to all the new folks who came to try me out for the first time! I had a blast, I was smiling throughout the whole class!!

I just want to share a couple quotes from those who attended today that I hope will inspire you to come and join us:

"I love your fun workout"

"Thank you so much, I feel smaller and sexier after your class"

"Fun, fun, fun"

"Fun as always!"

Thank you! I love you all!