Saturday, March 8, 2014

Brasil Music Exchange - More than Samba and Bossa Nova

Only one tenth of Brazil's music makes it abroad, according to research by the Brasil Music Exchange, a project by Brasil Musica e Artes (Brazil Music and Arts) and Apex-Brasil, organizations dedicated to promoting Brazilian culture abroad.
This compilation by Brasil Music Exchange features 12-tracks by up-and-coming artists in 12 World Cup 2014 host cities. Enjoy!

Carnaval Underground 2014

I was happy to see this track by Orquestra Imperial in my Soundcloud stream today, posted by Afropop Worldwide.The online music magazine dedicated to music from Africa and the African Diaspora has paired with label Mais Um Discos to premiere "Cair Na Folia," a song from Orquestra Imperial's coming album, "Fazendo As Pazes Com o Swing" ("Making Peace With the Swing"):
We are VERY excited to be pairing with the label Mais Um Discos to premiere "Cair Na Folia," a track from Orquestra Imperial's forthcoming album, "Fazendo As Pazes Com o Swing" ("Making Peace With the Swing"). Since their debut album in 2007, Orquestra Imperial has been making waves that emanate from Rio to caress the eardrums of fans in the U.S. and Europe. Founded with the goal of interpreting the old-school gafieira samba style of the 1940s orchestras, their music contains clear echoes of Brazilian street-music heros like Cartola, but also include the smooth sounds of later groups like Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66. "Cair Na Folia" opens with tinkling glockenspiels, sparky percussion toys and distant wooden flutes, creating an aural texture reminiscent of the experimental moments in the music of Os Mutantes and Hermeto Pascoal. But when the beat drops, we are deep into the swing of samba carioca, treated with the most up-to-the moment musical aesthetics. This group has certainly made peace with the swing- we hope you can do the same.