Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer in NYC -- Time for Havaianas!


Whether you're a Brazilophile or not, you probably own a pair of Havaianas sandals by now. The name means "Hawaiians" in Portuguese. I remember the first pair I ever bought: they were purple, size 39, and I got them for around $10 or $15 at a surfshop in Venice Beach, California, circa 2003. I guess at that point there was a buzz about Havaianas among the beach/surfing crowd and stateside coastal dwellers in CA, but the brand hadn't yet become as big and mainstream as it is today.
They've come a long way since first starting in Brazil in 1962! The brand is now in over 80 countries all over the world. Havaianas set foot in the U.S. for good in 2007, and stores like Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue sell them. Everyone's got at least one pair. You can even customize them at I love the slim look, more feminine.
Buy a pair: Havaianas Slim Sandals (Grey Silver) - Women's Sandals - 19.0 OT

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